Ceevra for urological surgery

Ceevra’s benefits in Urology have been demonstrated in two randomized clinical trials conducted by leading research hospitals.

Ceevra in context: Urology

Urologic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Linehan discusses the benefits of Ceevra for her practice and patient care.

Peer-reviewed randomized trials

Robotic partial nephrectomy

Ceevra 3D models result in substantial, quantified patient outcomes improvements. Reduced operative time, blood loss, clamp time, and patient length-of-stay.

Robotic Prostatectomy

Ceevra 3D models result in improved oncologic outcomes (detectable PSA rates) with no compromise in nerve sparing (correlated to erectile function and early return to urinary continence)

The Journal of Urology, July 182022

Ceevra’s models are the best that I’ve seen in the area of 3D imaging.”

James Porter, MDFACS

Urologic Surgeon
Director of Robotic Surgery
Providence Health

Supported Urology case types include:

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